True Dynamics: decisions that deliver


Dudley Haigh helps decision-makers who anticipate a step change in demand to achieve goals using fully integrated business planning.

The change in demand is usually driven by launching a product, entering a market, bidding for work, aggressive growth, buying / selling a business or restructuring. In these circumstances, businesses may struggle to determine the likely outcomes of decisions using their existing planning systems. Companies of any size in any industry can benefit and goals often shift as part of the process.

He captures the true dynamics of a business from operational and financial perspectives in proprietary planning models and uses them to:

  • explain the likely impact of decisions on the whole business
  • reduce risk by evaluating possible outcomes before committing
  • identify un-anticipated opportunities & threats
  • enable critical decisions to be made quickly with confidence


Dudley started the business in 1995. It utilises his knowledge of engineering, finance, programming and entrepreneurship.

After an Engineering degree, he trained as a management consultant with Coopers & Lybrand (now part of PwC) and then worked at PepsiCo as a European supply manager.

Numerous projects have been delivered for start-ups, scale-ups, SME’s, nationals and multi-nationals in a wide variety of industries. His mantra is “turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is reality”. When not advising, he develops his own projects.

Dudley is deeply inquisitive and obsessed with optimisation – it started back in the ’80s with an off-road motorbike and a ZX Spectrum computer.

Comments from clients:

  • “superb”
  • “highly professional, high levels of integrity”
  • “first class in person – a good listener, considered, bright”
  • “effective”

Case studies

Product Launch - Small Aircraft Manufacturer:

An established pioneer had set up a company to develop a new small aircraft for manufacture. The business had about 30 engineers but no financial planning systems. My approach was used to communicate the financial proposition to potential investors. It identified that the funding requirement was several multiples of the expected amount and surprisingly sensitive to one assumption. Seed funding was raised from a private investor.

New Product Pricing - Software Development Business:

The company had launched a new product with a new pricing model, which had failed to gain traction. My approach determined that the new product was not a new product - it was the same as an existing product with a more efficient development process. Some bigger issues with the existing product's pricing model were also uncovered. A new pricing model for the existing product was developed in order to deal with these bigger issues and capitalise on the value of the more efficient development process.

Restructuring - Naval Base Operating Business:

The company needed to restructure due to a changing market place. Given the complicated nature of its business, the board was struggling to understand the likely impact of strategic decisions. My approach enabled much more accurate costing and pricing of the company’s projects and was used to identify issues with restructuring the business - specifically the point at which the business would no longer be viable.

Bid for Work - Healthcare Business:

My approach was used to compile the financial submission for a bid to run the elective surgery of an NHS hospital. It identified critical errors in the bid tender document, which demonstrated that the organisation did not actually function as previously thought. The business was successful in being selected for the next stage of the competitive dialogue process.


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